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Polyglot Language Consulting Program

Polyglot Language Consulting Program

The Gofril Polyglot Language Consulting Program is dedicated to providing special language teaching to prepare students for admission exams, training on speaking, understanding, reading, and writing several languages or making "Multi-linguals," preparing interpreters and translators.

With a team of talented, highly skilled professionals, dedicated, knowledgeable, and deeply rooted in a sense of responsibility, elite translators & interpreters, and language experts, we pride ourselves in being fully competent to translate and interpret native languages.

The Polyglot center is ready to cooperate with NGOs, companies, schools, organizations willingly organizing lessons for the employers. Gofril polyglot center holds classes in every season from Monday to Friday, weekends, and on holidays. The nationality and age mix at GPC varies over different courses and levels. We offer language training from beginners to professional levels, including Chichewa, English, French, Portuguese, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda.

Whether your current English/French… level is elementary or advanced, courses to help you improve are available throughout the year; the average age is 18.

Our mission is to prepare career paths and promote people with multiple language skills to save money on translation/interpretation and reporting and eliminate language communication barriers to unite people worldwide with a common language and cultural understanding for one another.

We also offer Translation/Transcription, including Braille and Interpreting solutions for all business service events.

At Gofril Polyglot Center:

  • We use a creative and interactive teaching approach.
  • General courses are designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English, French, Kiswahili, Lingala, and Portuguese.
  • Some people who take these courses are learning for work, others for students, or simply for personal interest.

We ensure our students with the following benefits:

  • Efficient language learning with qualified specialists.
  • Learn to think and speak in that language.
  • Overcome the language barrier.
  • Special programs (emphasizing speaking competences).
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Modern interactive methods.

Course Topics:

Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

Class Schedule

Course Duration 1-3 months
Start Dates Every Monday
Classes per Week 3 lessons per week
Week (each lesson lasts 90 min) Monday-Sunday
Class Times You can choose from the following class times: 7:30 AM-6:00 PM
Class Level All levels, beginner to advanced. You will take a placement test on your first day to determine your class level.
Class Size Average 9 students, Maximum 18 students
Student Age Age range 16-60 years old, average 18 years old.
Number of Classrooms 3
Certificate A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

Projects Done

  • Bible Training
  • Orphans, Widows, Disabled & Elders Feeding
  • Tailoring Training
  • Polyglot Language Training
  • Guitar, Keyboard & Drum Training
  • Driving Training